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Heroes of the Fifth Spire (Fallen Spires #2)

Heroes of the Fifth Spire (Fallen Spires #2)

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Publication Date: November 29th, 2015
Tavian Royal
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A dark plague has been sweeping across the realm of Tallendrall causing people to transform into dangerous monsters. Unable to protect it's citizens and stop the rampant destruction, the Tallendrall Empire recruited the evil witch, Lady Enix, in a desperate attempt to find a cure. But, the witch had other plans. She used the corrupted souls to create powerful artifacts known as soulstones. With these artifacts, she tried to open a gateway to the planes of hell, but twelve lords stole the soulstones and banished the witch to another plane.

Now, Lady Enix has returned and is killing each lord to take back her precious soulstones. Once she has retrieved them all, the witch will again use their power and the power of the Fifth Spire to unleash hell's armies upon the realm. In a race to stop her, Montague, one of the twelve lords, creates a childlike construct named Monty. Before revealing Lady Enix's weakness, Montague is killed and forces Monty to flee. Aided by an orc chaos wizard and a cat-shaped druid, Monty must find the wingless angel to discover her destiny and save the realm.

The Heroes of the Fifth Spire is an epic fantasy, fast-paced adventure novel. It is the first book of the Fallen Spires series.