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Invaders from the Dark (Mint Editions (Horrific)

Invaders from the Dark (Mint Editions (Horrific)

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Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
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"Take the box and get away from here as soon as you can. Don't let it out of your sight until it has been printed and the books distributed "

In May 1921, Miss Sophie Delorme beings a series of communications with a publishing house in search of a genuine student of the occult. Coming upon the supernatural author, Ms. Greye La Spinda, Miss Delorme implores her to take possession of a mysterious manuscript and see that it is published by any means necessary; and-after transferring ownership-is pulled away by invisible hands; her house immediately destroyed by explosion. The manuscript, now in the hands of Ms. Greye Spina, is soon published-but not without incident-and details the extremely strange matter that occurred in the neighborhood of Meadowlawn, Lynbrook and changed the life of Miss Sophie Delorme's niece, Portia.

Professionally typeset with a beautifully designed cover, this edition of Invaders From the Dark is a classic of horror literature reimagined for the modern reader.