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Signed Books

We have limited stock of the following books in signed editions. Most of these are title-page-signed first editions, but occasionally we will list books signed on bookplates or on tip-in pages bound by the publisher. Titles purchased from this page will be fulfilled with signed copies while supplies last. We never charge extra for signed books, so you will always pay the listed retail price.

Selections from our Signed First Editions Club will be allocated to subscribers first. Any signed copies left over can be purchased here. To guarantee that you'll receive the best new fiction picked by our staff in signed first editions, join the club today >.


What is a signed first edition? Why is it collectible?

First editions (or, more accurately, first printings) are from the original, limited print run of the book upon its release. First editions are collectible because they represent a single work in its most original version. Subsequent printings might be affected by added or deleted content, modified cover art, or different binding. First editions signed by the author multiply that value because the book was handled and autographed by the author, a singular event that results in a finite number of copies.

How do authors sign the books?

Many books selected for the Signed First Editions Club are also part of our events programming, so authors may sign copies when they come to the store for their event.  Other authors may stop by just to sign our stock. Occasionally books may be signed at the publisher's office or even at the author's home before being shipped to the store. Due to travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, some selections might be signed by the author on bookplates or on a tip-in page bound by the publisher.